Just had a last videochat with mom and saw our dog for the last time.

Good bye Nelli

I got a letter from ministry of foreign affairs and thought for a second “dafuq?” but then I realized there’s only one person it could have come from. 

And yes, it was Niuniente who sent me a birthday card and tea! Thank you darling, it was a really pleasant and lovely surprise <3!


more matching icons for u and your friends



matching icons for u and your friends

*clapping hand and laughing like and idiot* Thank

I’m sorry to hear about your puppy it’s always hard to lose a friend/family member *hugs* and best wishes to get you thru

Thank you~

If you wanna have a phone call during the day, sudden or planned, I’m ready. It’s ok to feel sad.

Yes, I’ll remember that, thank you.


Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

Voi ei…en osaa sanoa oikeestaa muuta ku osaan ottoni. Yritä ajatella että se pääsee hyvään paikkaan. Jos haluut jutella nii voit aina soittaa. :,3

Joo, nyt se pääsee Napun luo ;____; Kiitos

At the moment I’m feeling better. I had a long chat with a close friend and managed to vent about many things that have been bothering me. I feel very refreshed. Talking about my problems has been really hard for me for past couple years. I feel like I might be starting to get slowly better at it. Hopefully.

I’m not sure if I’ll go to school tomorrow. That’s when our dog goes to a better place and I’m sure I’ll feel horrible again.

To feel better, I went to buy snacks and now I’m looking at some Makoharus. It’s a small improvement. 

Osanotot koirasta :(

Kiitos ;__;

My mom just skyped me and told me tomorrow our dog will be put to sleep. She’s really old at it’s for the best but…. ;;________;;

Olisit vielä möläyttäny jotain “miesten puolella oli ahasta” :D

AIJAIJAIJAI niiden ilmeet olis varmaan olleet näkemisen arvoiset

Haha today I went swimming and I obviously still have to go to women’s showers etc. So I was sitting in a sauna and and two women came in with a little boy. Then the other woman asked “Well, whose son do we have here?” And my immediate thought was “Oh no, they figured out I’m a boy in women’s sauna, what do I do?!?!??!” But then realized I wasn’t the one being addressed xD’ In some situations I just completely forget other people can’t see me as a man yet.